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Topeka Pizza is not just another
pizza place in Topeka, Kansas.

pizza restaurants To be clear here, I have lived in Topeka, Kansas my entire life and I'm proud to be called a Topekan. Often I find myself watching the goes-on in our city from a distance. But when I see a good thing happening, I sometimes find myself speaking out.

Topeka, Kansas is a proud community. A community that cares deeply about the families that make up this great town we call home.

Whether you're a new resident, or a life-long Topekan, you come to realize the unique diversities of our community and how we so often rally together to help one another in time of need and for support of our local causes.

Which brings me to my reason for speaking out this time. For a thank you and a pat on the back.

In January of 2018, a new pizza restaurant was introduced to Topeka, Kansas. Topeka Pizza, located at 1630 SW Arvonia Place, opened their doors and quite literally, their hearts, to the Topeka community.

Owners, Justin and Brandon Kochan, also known as "The Buffalo Brothers", opened Topeka Pizza with the firm belief in becoming a true part of daily life here and of giving back to the community every chance possible.

Even before the restaurant opened, the brothers were busy with numerous charities, such as a Halloween Pumpkin Sale with proceeds going to Stormont-Vail Hospital and a Christmas Gift Drive for the Topeka Rescue Mission.

pizza restaurants More recently, the Topeka Pizza Team has pledged to raise money for our Helping Hands Humane Society, a cause near and dear to Topekan's hearts, and to top it off TP is actually setting up at the HHHS to sell pizza and drinks, with proceeds going directly to the Topeka Helping Hands Humane Society that same day!

And to further their community efforts for the month, Topeka Pizza has also teamed up with Sole Reason to help our local Kids in need as well raising donations for children's sneakers.

As a Topeka Pizza customer and a life-long Topekan, I just want to take a minute to thank the TP Team for their community involvement and for the positive return Topeka has received since their opening in 2018.

It is truly heart warming to see a small locally owned business, who is just starting out, giving back to their community in the way Topeka Pizza has shown us.

Again, I'm proud to be a Topekan and I appreciate a local business who cares. I know where our pizza and buffalo wings are coming from next time we order up. Oh, and don't even get me started on the pizza rolls! THEY ROCK!

Keep up the great work Topeka Pizza! You are doing it,

The Buffalo Brothers Way!